Home/Business Risk Assessment:

At Keating Security our primary aim is to prevent security breaches. Our Home/Business Risk Assessment procedure is a professional method used to identify in a defined way the risks that are associated with an individual or property to be protected:

Lighting is very important in and around office buildings.

We will:

  1. Carry out the home/business risk assessment
  2. Identify the risks
  3. Develop risk reduction measures
  4. Implement the risk reduction measures
Tall hedges provide cover for burglars

We will then grade our finding:

  1. Low Risk – Needs attention when possible
  2. Low to medium risk – Establish if risk can be reduced and a satisfactory procedure put in place
  3. Medium to High Risk – Needs attention as soon as possible to remove risk
  4. High Risk – This is an unacceptable risk to security and immediate remedial action is needed

Once we have conducted our risk assessment analysis we will produce the final risk assessment report to include certain special risk level information and some areas of concern in terms of special risks posed.

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